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"RESCUE" Bulb Series

"RESCUE" Bulb is an LED anti-disaster bulbs applicable at the situation of electricity outage. Taking the opportunity of Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, R and D had been initiated to develop, and named as "RESCUE" Bulb. This product keeps lighting for around an hour to three hours after the power outage because a nickel metal hydride battery is built-in in the bulb. We also developed it using a bayonet cap fit in E-26 socket so that customer do not need any construction and can handle as general electric bulbs. Moreover, it is available as a torch when you take it off from the equipment. Each brightness of product is different so please look the line-up below.

self-sustaining lighting
at the time of
a power failure.

It can be taken off at the time of the power failure of a disaster, etc , and can be used as a torch.
Brightness sensor loading
The bulbs perceive the surrounding brightness and are automatically lighting on/putting out.

Type Standard type(with brightness sensor) High-intensity type (with brightness sensor) High-intensity type
Sensor Optical perception type Optical perception type
Dimensional outline drawing

LED Luminescence color Day white color Day light color Day light color
Color temperature 4900K 6500K
Brightness(Total luminous flux ・1 m directly under illumination) 38 lm / 11 lx 115 lm / 34 lx
LED life 40000 h
Rechargeable battery Nickel metal hydride battery
Battery life 5 years or 500 Charge and discharge
Charging time 10 h 8 h
Lighting time 3 h 1 h
Power supply source AC100V・50 / 60Hz
Power consumption at the time of lighting 1.7W 3.0W
Power consumption at the time of charge lighting 3.0W 4.0W
Standby power consumption 0.2W 0.2W
Size / Weight 118mm×60mm / 125g 128mm×69mm / 198g
Socket size E26
Body material , lens material, and heat sink material ABS / Polycarbonate ABS / Polycarbonate / aluminum

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