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Quality Policy

We perform the following, in order for

"a visitor's expectation, the product of the top quality which meets the needs, and offer of service"

to make it realize.

  • It endeavors grasping exactly the production environment which surrounds its company, and tackles offer of the product which suits a visitor's expectation and needs, and service.
  • The foundations of the production of a thing stand on the strong recognition with technical capabilities, and while performing talented people's injection and capital investment positively, an infinite improvement is advanced to the basis of partnership with a visitor and a cooperation company.
  • A visitor's needs are taken in advance and it is responded. Construction of organization and an improvement are advanced.
  • For realization of continuous improved quality, based on the concrete target and plan which each section and each class set up, required resources and information are offered and enforcement and a review are clarified.
  • Suitable education and training for making a quality policy permeate the whole organization are conducted.

Emvironment Policy

Our company aims at a company gentle to global environment,

"Environmental preservation while maintaining social needs and economical balance, and prevention of contamination"

The following is performed in order to make it realize.

  • Streamlining of waste is attained.
  • Improvement in recycling of resources is tackled.
  • It strives for suitable energy consumption and promotes energy saving.
  • The requirements of the various laws and regulations relevant to environment and others are observed.
  • Suitable education and training for making an environmental plan permeate the whole organization are conducted.
  • For realization of environmental impact reduction, based on the concrete purpose and target which each section sets up, and a plan, required resources and information are offered, enforcement and a review are ensured, and a continuous improvement is promoted.

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